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Gabriella Spallino Graduates with an Accounting Degree

Gabi joined us a little over two years ago as we took over her father-in-law's tax and investment practice. Since the first day, Gabi has worked hard for our clients. Her skills have continually increased, and she has obtained an accounting degree from SNHU.

With all that she does, with her attending school full-time, she has consistently increased her tax and financial planning knowledge, which she has incorporated into her daily work with clients. I knew from meeting her that she was a person I wanted with us as we went down the path of providing you with the best advice and service.

Gabi will take the CPA exam at the end of this year and continue to the Master of Financial Planning program at the University of Georgia. I congratulate her and can't wait to see her continual growth and impact on our clients.

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Jul 07

Congratulations, that’s great news


Mark Tornetta
Mark Tornetta
Jul 05

This is FANTASTIC!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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